Tuesday, September 8, 2009

They Lessons of MAYO

Solve the customers total problem

turn customers into marketers

approach innovation as a discipline and a work in progress

hire for values

excellence is a journey

challenge the performers  to improve the performance


Reduce the role of indices and you would have changed the whole pattern of investment. Modular Portfolio Construction and Management.

Two books a dual processor.

Introducing MAIN & WALL

A new Model Based on the Mayo Model _ What is That???

A new Model in wealth management

Based on the MAYO MODEL

In the modular world there is a time and a place for everything
MAIN & WALL the time has come

Use the cab


Put the client first

top 10 reasons to move to MAIN & WALL

we have done something about it.

A new Model for a New Paradigm...

When it comes to wealth management ...the notion that one person has all the necessary skills to serve the client is at best naive. "This time last year , there was a real push toward the trusted advisor role that emphasized one-stop shopping. he said.