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Re: intelligent systems

How intelligent is your financial plan?
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fw: ETFs: 33 ETFs With P/Es Below 10

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Subject: ETFs: 33 ETFs With P/Es Below 10

May 12, 2014

33 ETFs With P/Es Below 10

The following funds have cheap P/E ratios well below the industry average, which could indicate undervalued portfolios.

DoubleLine's Gundlach Reinforces His Stance To Short Housing ETF

Jeffrey Gundlach, manager of the DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund, believes declining affordability will reduce housing demand.

Investors Dump Emerging Bond ETFs At Rapid Pace

Investors are pulling out of exchange-traded funds for emerging market bonds at the fastest pace since November after a three-month rally pushed down yields.

iShares Rolls Out Qatar, United Arab Emirates ETFs

Both countries will soon graduate from being frontier markets to becoming full-fledged emerging markets.

Foreign-Exchange ETFs Coming Up Short In ETF Bonanza

Axel Merk has filed the paper work, picked a name and is ready to launch Merk Investments LLC's first exchange-traded currency fund. Problem is, no one wants to put money into it.


Michael Cuggino, president of the Permanent Funds, provides his market outlook and discusses the slowdown in emerging markets.       

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Portfolio Manager Insights: 

One Year Later

The animal spirits of business leaders and investors may be re-emerging, resulting in more investment that may herald better growth. 


Merrill Lynch Advisors Learn ABCs Of ESG

If you still wonder whether it's worth talking to clients about values-based investing, consider what Merrill Lynch is doing. 

Aloha Impact

I discovered in, of all places, Hawaii a truly great article on how impact investing has become the new philanthropy. 

Evan Simonoff:  

Gundlach Sees 30% Odds Of New Lows In Interest Rates, More Deflation Possible

Five years into the global QE experiment, the growing consensus is that it has been partially successful. Color DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach skeptical.  

Don Connelly:  

Everybody Loves A Storyteller

Good storytelling helps convey your message and gives clients a look at who you really are.     

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Fw: 3 Rules for Dividend Investing

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Subject: 3 Rules for Dividend Investing

On Wall Street
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30 Days 30 Ways
May 12, 2014
3 Rules for Dividend Investing
3 Rules for Dividend Investing
Given the increased volatility, now is a good time to examine some of the subtleties of dividends and dividend-paying stocks.
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